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    Re: DGC promo scratchies cards/website

    depends on which girl you leave with ,lol

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    this would love the idea with this.
    i dont know if i can help but i only i can give (if this project goes alive) is some html design.

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    I think RunningmanZ originally thought of this as a promotion for cryptoave, but it could work as a stand alone promotion for any site. I would love to get one thing like this up and running.


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    I like that idea and it could prove interesting. People love to scratch tickets to win all kinds of different things. Winning money would attract a lot of people to this site. I'd give it a try if it was possible to set this up and do it. The only draw back I can see on this one is that people might not trust the site to be fair. They might think there is no winning tickets. I can see where this might cause an issue.

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    I sort of like this idea. Almost like a Loto card that you can scratch. I personally feel you can work around all of these issues. You’d be the first to do this. Looks like a gold mine to me.

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