Hey guys, just for the heads up. I couldn't recover my DGC.

I can see Digitalcoin.app but there is no digitalcoin folder inside /Users/myuser/Library/Application Support/

I did a search for wallet.dat files and no luck.

root@user-M11x-R2:/media/user/backup/Users/swimexternal# ls
ApplicationsBackup VMsDesktopDocumentsDownloadsLibraryMoviesMusicPicturesPublicVirtualBox VMs
root@user-M11x-R2:/media/user/backup/Users/swimexternal# find /media/user/backup/Users/swimexternal/ -iname '*allet.dat'
/media/user/backup/Users/swimexternal/Library/Application Support/Sexcoin/wallet.dat

only wallet.dat for SXC, I had only those two wallet in that OSX.

From what I remember, I downloaded DGC OSX client, installed it and transfered about 200k DGC to the wallet's address before the blockchain finished to download entirely since it had connection issues at the time.

Lesson learned the hard way, I bought some DGC back but those were mined so I'll never recover them.

Just check wallet.dat is generated before doing any transaction.