So, Where do we go now?

It's not good to just rest on our laurels so to speak.

As we are currently on CoinExchange, which has given new hope to all those out there with ARG, we must forge ahead and endeavour to get onto other exchanges.

The Donation address is vital to this as it will provide much needed funds to pay for inclusion in certain Exchanges.

We need to encourage pools to take us on as well, perhaps ISpace and Hash-to-Coins would be the natural ones for this.

We need a function, back when Argentum was created it was just enough to be a new Decentralised Currency, but in this day and age we need a purpose, a new thread for this would probably be needed to open up discussions on what you as a community would want from ARG.

Please join in with ideas and contribute a little to the donation address so we have funds to action them.