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    Official SecureCoin Twitter Account

    I am a strong believer in the importance of social media to advertise and share information with the masses.

    Digging around, I found that there is no official SecureCoin Twitter. For that reason, I took the liberty to convert one of my old accounts to use in an official capacity. It's time to start promoting SecureCoin and peak the curiosity of the masses.

    Please follow: @SecureCoin

    I have named this account The Official SecureCoin Community Twitter Account. For this reason, I will be seeking everyone's help to contribute and help get the word out.

    Please use this thread to post any SecureCoin related news or anything SecureCoin related you would like to see tweeted from the account. Since this is a community account, I will do my best to tweet out everything posted here (provided it is SRC related and non FUD).

    Since this account is designated to be an official account. I hereby relinquish all rights to the account and am donating the account to Baritus to do with as he pleases. Meaning, he can take it for himself or assign it to whomever he see's fit at any time. At which point, I will provide that person with the account login information. For the time being, I will volunteer to keep the account operational and up to date.

    Since this is a volunteer position, donations are appreciated for the time and effort it takes to keep operational

    SRC donation address: sXUNGsKjS9ojMzyvsGBTRb8gAj3QaXMKUw

    In the spirit of cryptocurrency and the strong community SecureCoin has, we can work together to get the word out.

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    Re: Official SecureCoin Twitter Account

    I am looking for a nice quality SRC logo for the Twitter account. The only one I could find was low res. If anyone can help me out it would be appreciated.

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    Re: Official SecureCoin Twitter Account

    Nice initiative. But nothing much is going on. :'(

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    I agree with cryptog1. The idea was correct, but the implementation..not so much. Looks like it has not been updated since 2013.
    Definitely has some potential, if the Twitter account was left in the proper hands.

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